Welcome 193rd country of the world!

Weee, made it.  It’s interesting how elated I was when I got here.  There’s basically 4 paved roads in Juba. Every car is a Range Rover type, emblazoned with UN or other aid groups.  My hotel is more or less luxury life here in Juba.  I have cable TV, internet, running water (and even hot water!) and air conditioning.  I feel like a spoiled American. Mmm, pretty much because I am.  My room is very nice overall.  It’s the 2nd floor of a basic container, and I have a beautiful view over the garden walkway. I’m also next door to the JIT supermarket, so I should have pretty solid access to food and drinks.

So far the bugs in my room are just small gnat-like things and one big daddy long legs. The spider and I are living harmoniously for now.  I know that there definitely are larger bugs, including roaches since I’ve seen the remnants outside, but… I’ll deal with that if and when I need to. You can tell who the new girl in Juba is, because she still thinks the little kittens that roam the hotel grounds are cute, and not obnoxious and disease carriers.

I officially love English Al Jazeera news. Such crap that it’s not available in the US.

Mom and Dad, you should be happy now that I’m in South Sudan and not Bahrain or Yemen or Libya now.  See, things could be so much scarier. 🙂 In all seriousness, I had a security briefing that lasted about an hour. My org has their stuff together and if anything should happen (which it shouldn’t, but you never know) there’s solid plans/phone trees/evac plans in place. Overall though, things are very stable here and I should be totally fine!

Oh, also, I followed the Nile pretty much my whole trip over Africa from Amsterdam to Nairobi, and now I live on the Nile. Whoa.


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