Animal-Shaped Cities, FTW

Thanks to my friend Emily for this one. I’d read a story yesterday
with a one-liner about turning cities into shapes of animals in South
Sudan.  I searched for a bit, but couldn’t find anything to back up
the story other than the one line I’d seen repeated in other stories.
My to my surprise, I woke up this morning to find this article in my

The article explains how, in trying to restructure the capital city, there was a plan to have Juba apparently restructured and rebuilt in order to look like a rhinocerrous.  No… really. The government offices would be in the head, the bus station is in the rear.

Wau will be shaped like a giraffe, and the treatment center is in the tail.

Personally, I think this is the greatest idea I’ve ever ever heard,
bar none.  This is like going to the UAE and being like, “You think
you’re cool because you built the world?  Well, take THAT crazy ass
urban planning motherfuckers!”

The plan apparently was estimated to cost $10.1 billion dollars.  The entire Government of Southern Sudan (GoSS) 2010 operating budget was $2 billion.

Um… sure?
Pure awesomeness. Can you imagine drawing up plans for the cities in the shape of animals?  Oooooh urban planning architects, you wiley people you.


One response to “Animal-Shaped Cities, FTW

  1. That’s pretty awesome.

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