Juba Pictures

I’m hoping to get out more tomorrow and be able to take some more pictures (I’m still paranoid my camera will be taken. I’ve heard too many stories now, even though I’ll probably be fine), but I managed to snag a pic of the roads a bit outside my hotel.  The yellow fence on the right is for the JIT supermarket, which is basically the #1 place for supplies [well, particularly for expats] in town (although there’s a new one called Phoenica near the ministries I’m determined to ferret out this weekend).

The rest is just the basic dirt road, a land rover in the distance, and some trucks.  There are several paved roads in Juba, mostly where the ministries and fancier hotels are, but most of the streets still look something like this.

The next picture is for Carmina, since I earlier mentioned spiders and forgot to warn her 🙂

Like I said before, you can tell I’m still new here since the cats are still fun to me.  During the day it’s too hot for them to be out, but in the morning and the evening, they hang around the compound.  They like to find the shady spots and one of the best places is the cut out spaces underneath the container rooms.  My first night here, coming back after dinner I walked up the stairs to find a cat hanging out and startled, and he darted right over into one of these (mind you, it’s about 15 ft off the ground). You can sort of see one in the picture here on the far side of the container. The cat above is in the one right next to the staircase.

Anyhow. In non-cat/picture news, I was able to present at a meeting of partners today, which was a victory since I only found out about 9pm last night that I needed to speak.  So I presented a quick bit in front of about 30 partners and subcontract partners, and basically was like, “Hey, I’ve been here a week, but I’m going to tell you that you need to do this that and the other that you haven’t been doing since no one has been here before me to make you do it.”  It actually went over better than I thought it would.

I’ve had the opportunity to drink a couple of the beers around here – Tusker (common in Africa), Bell (blah), and Sudan’s own White Bull. Pretty much all tastes like bland beer after being spoiled with delicious craft brews from New England, but hey… really can’t complain.  I vote that the US starts a movement to import White Bull – bring on the investment to Southern Sudan!


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