(Written Monday night, posted when I had more reliable internet…)

I arrived at work on Monday morning reading to tackle the week. My first day without my Boston supervisor here. During staff meeting, our driver came over, tapped me on the shoulder, and said “Are you going with K* and J* on their supervisory visit?”
I replied, “Yes, on Wednesday.”
“No, no, they are ready to go now. Are outside waiting.”
“Ummm… no, I thought it was Wednesday.”
“No. Is today.”

Uuuuhhhh… crap.  After I confirmed with the M&E team that the day was actually Monday and not Wednesday, I got in the car, packed a bag in 5 minutes at my hotel, and got in our land rover for a 2 hour trip north for a week.

T.I.A. I guess.  Not sure if this counts as T.I.A. or just disorganization and miscommunication in my organization, but… whatever it is, I’m currently sitting in Terekeka village in Terekeka county, getting ready to go visit 9 PHCCs and PHCUs  (Primary Health Care Centers/Units – centers are bigger, and require ANC/Maternal Health… aka at least a midwife instead of just TBAs).

And remember how I was bemoaning a bit about living in a palace?  Well…
I’m now craving air conditioning.  41*C heat doesn’t play well if you don’t have a/c, a fan, or at least some shade.  There’s no room at the rest houses in town (there are 2, with maybe 20 beds between them), so we’re staying with one of our subcontracting partners instead. Which is probably good since I don’t think I would have had enough money to pay for a resthouse.  But I feel better about the work I’m doing if I’m not forced to live up to the insanely high westernized standards that are set forth in Juba, at least for a little while.   (Also, as I’m writing this it’s now 4pm and is finally just now starting to cool down. I bet it’s even under 100*F (39*C) now.  Wowie!)

But to assure you (aka, my parents) that I was living totally comfortably, a pic of my sweet digs:

And yes, here the mosquito netting is much needed (as opposed to my room back in Juba where I realized after 2 days that my a/c-ed room doesn’t really get many bugs as long as I keep the door closed (at least during the dry season… we’ll see how rain changes that)).


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