Food spectrum

In my effort to avoid parasites and/or dysentery if I possibly can (spoiler alert: I can nearly guarantee won’t be able to), I try to limit the number of fresh and not-quite cooked fruits/veggies that I eat.  Resultantly, my diet tends to look something like this:

Again, I’ve got VERY little room to complain.  I have breakfast and lunch provided to me which actually does provide me at least a few veggies, albeit almost always fried or doused in so much oil and sauce as to be unrecognizable, but I’m not totally living off of starch, legumes, and meat.  However, it is a large portion of my caloric intake.  I have a colleague staying at the same place as me who eats completely vegetarian.  I’m not saying it’s impossible… but it’s damn difficult (particularly if you’re not providing your own food).


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