Things I Learned in Terekeka

When you are extraordinarily dehydrated due to 105*F heat and lack of water, have eaten pretty much a handful of rice and about 3 handfuls of meat, and maybe a half a bowl of beans, drinking three 8% beers is quenching, however is perhaps not the best way to end your night.

I realized before I got in the Land Rover the next day that my stomach was not going to accept a single drop of water until it was good and ready.  Hangovers + Land Rovers + Bumpy dirt road field visits = No.

Thank god it wasn’t the double helix road day.

Danger. Danger Will Robinson.



3 responses to “Things I Learned in Terekeka

  1. I enjoy how this gets its own dedicated post.

    • Duh. It’s very important.

      Also was much less serious than the other ones I posted where were all an attempt for me to talk through my experiences/ lessons learned.

      This was an easy lesson to learn.

  2. Poor Erin 😦 Sounds horrrrrrrible.

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