Two Options

The cockroach which was dead in my bathroom for 2 days and most assuredly was there when I went to the bathroom at 2am last night was gone this morning when I got up at 8am.

As I see it, there are two options:

1) Lazarus cockroach
2) Something larger came and ate it

I do not like either of these options.

ETA:  It has been suggested to me that the most likely scenario is actually that ants came and took the offending roach away. This I can live with.


6 responses to “Two Options

  1. I can’t believe YOU are being so nonchalant about living with all these bugs!

    • As long as it’s not mice!

      Although I admittedly did freak out a tiny bit last night when I walked into the bathroom and there was another, very alive cockroach. I think I killed this one for reals though.

      • So all those years I fought your bug battles…

      • You just love me that much! Plus, I think I’ve grown (literally and figuratively) They frighten me, but not in the way mice do… which is to say irrationally terrifying me.

        And we’ll see how brave I am once rainy season comes and there are locusts all over. Oh joy!

  2. Locusts? For reals? Not just in the Bible?

    (and whoa – strong ants)

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