Things I Wish Now I’d Brought to Juba

There are quite a number of things I’ve realized now would be lovely to have, had I had space and/or forethought:

  • An extra pillow
  • Extra supplies of contact solution
  • New glasses
  • Extra long lasting Lithium camera batteries
  • Only USD bills 2006 later (I knew this before leaving, and asked for new bills, but still got some 1996 and 2001 series… just didn’t check before I left the bank).  Banks here don’t accept 1996 and earlier series, and often give you lower exchange rates if they accept non-2006 series.  Oh, and what about ATMs you ask? Please.
  • Tape; scotch and duct
  • Extra deodorant (I swear I haven’t been able to find this, even in the stores that cater to expats, but maybe I’m just looking in the wrong spots)
  • A hammock with mosquito netting
  • A travel UV light that kills all sorts of bugs and parasites
  • An electric kettle (thinking about buying one here, but they’re super expensive)
  • Sandals that are work appropriate
  • A smaller bag/purse that zips

However, considering that I normally way overpack for things, there are a few things I’m incredibly glad (and a little self righteously smug about) that I brought:

  • A towel (the one here is like sandpaper and I use it as a bathmat)
  • My Kindle
  • My fancy pens I stole from CGHD (thanks, BUSPH!)
  • Leatherman pocketknife
  • My plastic knife and fork
  • A couple of nice light sweaters
  • Family sized sunscreen
  • Q-tips
  • My digital SLR camera
  • A universal electrical converter

Thus ends today’s segment of useless things you didn’t want to know about Erin’s life. Join us tomorrow when maybe I’ll comment about things that actually have to do with South Sudan.


2 responses to “Things I Wish Now I’d Brought to Juba

  1. Do you want us to mail you anything on your wish list?

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