Sudanese Food

I mentioned earlier that being a vegetarian here would be very difficult.  Not only is food without meat few and far between, but often you are offered food and to turn down would be insulting.  At the hotel there are usually one or two vegetarian offerings, but there are only so many soggy, greasy peppers or oversauced kidney beans one can eat.

Thankfully though, I managed to convince my hotel that instead of my lodging including breakfast and lunch (which is what is covered under “half board”), it should include breakfast and dinner, since the two later meals cost the same price.  What this means is that I no longer have to bother one of our drivers to take me all the way back to where I’m staying across town during lunchtime.  Not that having an hour or an hour and a half break during the day isn’t lovely, but it seems a bit unnecessary (not to mention a waste of gas).  It also means that I can stealthily use my dinner to stock up on extra food in tuperware for lunch the next day.  Not that eating PB&J sandwiches every day isn’t fun (Shannon, sorry, not all of us can do it).

Still adjusting to the change, and affected by my lack of  sleep last night, today I forgot my lunch.  Thankfully we have a staff member, Frank, who goes out every day and will pick up cheap lunches for staff (usually between 2-10 SDP, or $1-4 USD).  So I ordered “greens” and kisra for lunch.  Kisra is sort of like injera; it’s a spongy bread-like substance used to scoop up and eat your food.  The “greens” I figured would be like what we had in Terekeka, which seems to be spinach-like greens, oil, and spices.  It tastes like pureed and spiced spinach with peanut butter. I mostly got it because the idea of eating yet more meat was unappealing.


Therefore I was slightly – although admittedly not overly – surprised when my greens showed up with a giant chunk of bone covered in fat.  I am certain that I performed some great offense when I put the bone aside and concentrated on just eating the greens.  (A coworker just informed me that the greens are mixed with a paste of some sort.)

Whatever it is, it is delicious, and I’m glad that I left my lunch at home today.


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