Airports and Maps

I find it amusing that I am on the exact landing path for planes going to the airport.  There is nearly nothing in between me and the landing strip, which is only 1 km away.

Juba map - me and airport

After being told many stories about the skills (or lack there of) and drinking habits of bush pilots in the area, there’s a teeny tiny part of me that flinches during the 3 to 20 times I hear and see a plane heading to land, roaring seemingly inches about my head.

In reality, I’m more amused about the situation than anything, because it’s just a daily reminder of where I am.  Plus, the place I’m staying has been here  more than 5 years,  and no incidents so far.

In happier news, I finally found a decent map of Juba, and, even happier, I finally sort of understand where things are!  I love maps. Have I ever mentioned that before? Love ’em.

Juba Map


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