Hash Run! (Well, half a hash)

I decided it was time to get out of the bubble and really try to meet new people here other than my coworkers, so today I attended my very first hash run.

Hash runs are basically a place for people to get together and run, socialize, and drink, and there are chapters all over the world (although in reality, everyone I’ve known who’s been involved did them places in Africa).  I’d seen a few advertised on the Juba google group email list I’m on, but the past two Saturdays I’ve either been out of it or haven’t known where the starting place was located. This one was 3 blocks from my apartment, so I figured I’d feel pretty stupid if I didn’t go.

The one part I was pretty nervous about was the actual running.  I haven’t run since January (thanks, East Coast snow) and even then, I was still working on rehabbing my knee properly. I got up to about a 30 min run at 5run/1walk intervals, but never did anything straight through.

I almost decided to do the walking path this first time, but sucked it up and chose to run.  I made it about 20-25 minutes, and then we realized that we were about 1.5 kms off course (so 3 kms all together) and several people decided to walk when we turned around. I decided that was the smart move since I wasn’t sure I could run anymore anyways – still upper 90* heat, even at 5:30p and a little over a 2 mile run. The path we took was beautiful though, right along the backside of the airport and far away from main city roads; and apparently the correct fork (which myself and others avoided once we reached it to instead walk/occasionally run back on the original path) was even more picturesque.

In the end I met some nice people, had fun, and made my legs ache in a real good way. Hopefully next weekend I’ll a) have run a bit in between, and b) be able to find the next meeting place.

<Insert stock picture of feet running>


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