Animal Parade

These are some of the pals that I’ve made at my hotel.

This is Sally:


She’s the only one of my friends who actually has a name given to her by the staff.

This one is Male Sally because, well… he looks exactly like Sally except he’s male.  Pretty much the easiest way to tell them apart is because he doesn’t have a collar.

Male Sally/ Boo Boo

My coworker and I have decided to call him “Boo boo” because he has some sort of boo boo on his back anyways.

Not pictured here is Tiger, who I named because, well… she looks like a dog with dark tiger stripes (Yes, my cleverness astounds me as well. Remember when I named my childhood security toys things like “Lamby” and “Wombat” and “Little Blanky” and “Big Blanky”?  What an explosive imagination I’ve always possessed).  She’s my favorite mostly because she’s MASSIVELY preggers and is going to soon bring forth many puppies for me to gush over (For about 4 minutes before they’re sold off as guard dogs).  Sally might be pregnant, too, but we can’t really tell.

And this series of pictures is mostly for Carmina:

Meow Meow Meow


Oh, hey there. Don't mind me, I'm just the most adorable kitten ever.


The cats were actually hiding for a little while, and then all the sudden in the past 3 or 4 days they’ve been all over again, along with several tiny little kittens like the one above.  They’re awesome. If my new friends weren’t crawling in what I’m sure must be eleventy billion different bugs/germs/parasites, I’m snuggle the crap out of their little faces.


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