The past few days I’ve actually had internet connectivity problems.  Between a faulty router/modem/something technical sounding at work and thunderstorms at the hotel, I’ve been lucky to have internet for an hour straight. Actually, the past two days at work the internet has been infuriating, not because it wouldn’t work at all, but because it worked Chinese Water Torture style: 2 minutes on, 24 minutes off; 5 minutes on, 37 minutes on; 13 minutes on; 98 minutes off.  If it would just stay off, instead of flickering back and forth all the time, and teasing me with accessibility to data and information that I need to access in my work email, I’d be wanting to throw the computer out the window much less.

All back to normal today however, so I really shouldn’t complain.

I though perhaps the 7 people reading this would be interested to see my workspace, so, based on demand from a specific demographic of people (read: no one), here’s my beautiful desk and work space.

My empty office

Everyone who normally sits in this room is out on a training this week so I’ve got the office to myself most of the time.  Oh, and see that a/c unit in the corner?  It’s normally set to “sub-arctic” so this week I finally have control to set it to a normal, life-sustaining temperature. It’s lovley.

Super fancy desk

I totally live and work in luxury. I know you’re jealous.


2 responses to “Internet

  1. It actually does look pretty luxurious, for what I imagined an office in Juba to look like.

    • I’ve been to several other NGOs offices and ours is definitely one of the nicest around, even considering the intermittent internet and power outages. Although there’s still the little things, like the fact that neither of the toilets had seats on them until last week. So TIA still, I suppose…

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