Rainy Season

Apparently rainy season is here in Juba.


Or maybe not.

It depends on who you ask, but Juba’s rainy season normally starts somewhere  around mid-March or possibly as late as May.  The farther north you go, the more the climate is stuck with 2 main seasons, rainy and not, and most agree that it falls pretty much in the June-Dec range.  Juba is apparently trickier.

So whether or not this is the “real” rainy season, it’s rained every night, and some days, for the the past week.  It usually is sunny and hot enough during the day that all the moisture evaporates anyways, but it definitely makes things a bit cooler.

It also makes for really awesome clouds.

Storm clouds rolling in

Clouds over the Nile Canal

(For comparison, this is what that looks like on a sunny day):

Same view, sunny day

And one more cloud/rain pic for good measure:

More ominous clouds

I also have a few short videos, but no patience to upload now. Maybe another time… for now I’m off to listen to the rain sooth me to sleep again.


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