Woke up this morning and my eye was a little irritated.  Figured today would be the last day for this pair of contacts.

By the time I got to work my eye was starting to itch.

By lunch it was tearing and itchy.

By the 3pm it was completely inflamed and pink.

Got so bad that I tossed the contact, called the driver to take me home early.

Two hours later, after sitting in a dark room with glasses on and my contact solution on the bed next to me, it’s starting to feel better. Although now with all the unintentional crying and light sensitivity I have a roaring headache.

Here’s hoping it goes away by tomorrow.

And that it’s just irritation and not some weird Sudanese disease. 🙂  (Stop worrying, it’s not.  Really.)

I usually keep contact solution with me at work but hadn’t brought any here yet.  Tomorrow (or Wednesday if I work from home tomorrow) for sure.

But still… ouch.

9pm, ETA: At this point I’m self-diagnosing with pink eye.  It’s mainly in the right, but partially in the left as well. Ick. I think Beth contracted it from her students and then passed it to me via the interwebz. THANKS BETH ANNE.

11:30pm, ETA: My friend’s mom (who is a nurse) has graciously looked at some really gross pictures and confirmed that she also thinks it is pink eye. Awesome!  Guess who is “working from home” tomorrow? (see the latest stuffexpataidworkerslike post #36)

4 responses to “Ouch.

  1. or a scratched cornea…

    • It’s in both eyes, so I’m actually going with pink eye or something on this one. Oh well… I’ll work from home tomorrow and hope it gets better on its own! Rather have to not track down an optometrist in Juba. Actually, knowing the statistics of how many doctors/specialists/etc there are in all of Southern Sudan, I might have a better chance finding that polar bear.

  2. yes, totally my fault.

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