Kermit Flushed

Heh, that title made me think “Atlas Shurgged.” For some reason that’s really funny to me. Maybe because I just battled a frog.

With water.

And won.

Bye, bye, Kermit!

Froggy has finally (after, literally 50 tries), been flushed down the toilet.  Bye bye, Kermit.  Nice of you to visit, but I’d prefer this not to become a recurrence. Your place next time, ‘kay?

At least I had an amusing story for my coworker at dinner.

My dad’s response to this is my favorite:

“Maybe if you fed him, he’d jump out.
PS:   you can use a pet……….”

Ha. Too late for a pet now, I suppose. I’ll have to wait until the puppies make their debut in a few weeks…


4 responses to “Kermit Flushed

  1. i want a paint drawing of this! 🙂

  2. Guess what you call a group of frogs?!? An army. Love me some internets.

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