Froggy Battle Continues

So I may have presumptuously claimed victory in my war on Kermit.  Little bugger was back again this morning. I’ve moved on to internet suggestions of deterring with salt in the water, and if that doesn’t work, I might move on to bleach.

When I revealed my plan, someone asked me if I was really that afraid of the frog. I’m not afraid of him at all, actually (despite my small squeal and raised heart rate the first time I saw him… that was just shock). However, I’ve already caught pink eye here. Call me strange, but I don’t particularly want to get any other disease from unhygienic conditions.  And I don’t think a frog living in my toilet is the most sanitary of situations.

We’ll see. Maybe I’ll just have a friend for a while…

And per request of my sister, below is a series of pictures drawn in order to demonstrate my battle against the froggy:

Froggy time... Just chillin'


Everything's spinning, spinning, spinning!!!

Froggy time.... Just chillin' in the pipes...

Uhh… please note that I drew these while on a conference call at work.  I am good at multitasking. And bad at sitting still.

And in case those weren’t clear enough… the anatomy of the toilet, aka, how froggy hides inside and why I can’t easily remove him.

Froggy hides under the inner lip of the toilet, where the water normally comes out

Sneaky sneaky froggy


3 responses to “Froggy Battle Continues

  1. yay!!! I laughed til I cried! 🙂

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