Building Things

I really want to build something.

And not just something small, like a chair or table.

I want to build something large. Something that requires days or weeks. Something like a building.

I have no real idea why. Or where this urge came from. Maybe it’s because I’m seeing things going up here and on a daily basis.  Construction starts one day and two weeks later is finished.

Maybe it’s because I just read an article about the ongoing rebuilding of NOLA.

Maybe I just like using tools.

Maybe I just miss being more active.

Any way you slice it, I have an urge to build something.

Wonder if Habitat for Humanity works in South Sudan. 🙂


8 responses to “Building Things

  1. Build a bird house or a deck for your hotel room. Porches take a long time.

  2. hahahah – I like the bird house suggestion from Josh. Dad would approve 🙂

  3. Ha. This is true… but porches are so much more satisfying. And – darn – I don’t have any of the special paint to make them all sorts of pretty colors.

  4. And I’m not *totally* sure the hotel would let me build a porch (or at least a more extensive one than I already have)…

  5. Turn the porch you have into a screen porch. DUH.

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