Froggy Eyes

Ok, well, more like frogs and eyes.

Firstly: No frog for 2 days. Hurray! Let’s pretend that I scared him off as opposed to hurt him when I poured salt (ACCIDENTALLY) on top of him (I  flushed him right after that to get the salt off as much as possible, I swear).  Either way, tentative victory.

Secondly:  Pink eye seems to be almost gone!  The improvement between day two and three was dramatic. Now there’s just a little bit of redness below the iris, which looks like basic irritation.  I’ll probably still be in glasses for another week at least, just to be safe. Ugh, I hate wearing my glasses.

I wanted to post pictures documenting each day of my eye improving, but since I fear that may cause unnecessary vomiting, instead I drew a much less graphic picture in paint, documenting my progress from day 1 til today.

Eye, Day 1 til Day 5

It’s much less gross when it looks like a cartoon, see?  And fun diagonal colors!!


2 responses to “Froggy Eyes

  1. what did you take for the pink eye?

    Hope the frogless state continues!

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