Too Tired to Type

Woke up in the wee hours of the morn to have our field visit down to Lainya county, south of Juba. This is not actually one of the counties our project supports, but we’re looking at an aspect of a program there to see how to model our own.

It was altogether fascinating. The region is much more green and lush than Terekeka or even Juba. And holy smokes is it cooler.

But I’m now too tired to write anything resembling intelligence or insight (evidenced by trying to convince wordpress “sembling” was a word before realizing I was missing a prefix). So instead I’ll just post some pretty pictures.

Leaving Juba

Juba sunrise

Where the sidewalk ends. And by sidewalk I mean road.

Fetching water in Lainya

Victor and Steve, walking to site

One of the volunteers, who also has 6 children, including the 2.5 mo old baby in her arms.

Jennifer, a Community Based Distributor (CBD) near Lainya

Nicest PCHU I’ve seen here so far:


This kid and I had a serious staring contest going on for several minutes. He was really intrigued/skeptical of me. He totally won the contest because I stopped staring to take this picture.

Little Boy

And with that I’m now too tired to wait for my internet to upload any more pictures.


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