Rain, Rain

The thing about the weather here is that Juba doesn’t do things half-assed.  If the day is going to be hot, we’re hitting temperatures of 105*F+.  And when it rains, it storms.  Conditions go from zero to deluge almost immediately. The wind blows voraciously, enough that at some points you briefly lose your balance a bit. And to top it all off, the water drops are all about the size of a fist.

The storms I’ve seen here are usually at night or in the early morning, so I haven’t had a chance to fully appreciate many of them. But today the sky brought to Juba one of the most beautiful rain storms I’ve ever seen anywhere.

I stood out on the balcony, getting a little drenched in the fist-sized drops, watching the Nile get pummeled by water, and half the sky soaked with sun while the other half was in ominous darkness.

Then the vividest rainbow I’ve ever seen appeared in the eastern sky.

Pretty rainbow

And then it turned into a double rainbow.

Double Rainbow!!!

It was a good day.


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