Froggy Friend

Many people have inquired about the status of my toilet-dwelling resident. Well, I think all will be pleased to know that Froggy and I have come to an agreement where we are “sometimes friends.”  Like how cookie monster now eats cookies as a “sometime food.”

Cuuuuuuz....a froggy is a sometime friend!!

Occasionally, and mostly first thing in the morning or directly after work, Froggy will be chillin’ under the rim of the toilet, and I’ll surprise him and send him back down to the vast reaches of the inner plumbing, and usually then I don’t see him for a few more days. Then he’ll pop up again, we’ll wave and say hi, and usually he ends up eventually getting flushed back down.

Tiiiiiiiiiiiny froggyyyyy... iiiin the can!... Maaaakes me happy... Fun in Sudan!*

It’s entirely possible, based on the evidence, that Froggy is just an adrenaline junkie who really loves the water park that is my toilet.

Adrenaline junkie frog

* ETA: Since I got several “Huh?!” comments, please note this is a reference to the greatest Don Ho song of all time. Obviously.


4 responses to “Froggy Friend

  1. I prefer the adrenaline junkie option. BTW that’s a great drawing. He looks so gleeful. Have you seen any Windhoek Lager in Juba? How I miss that tasty Namibian beer.

  2. castle milkstout is superior to windhoek lager. although, lord knows I have had my fair share of windhoek lagers. thanks, no im in boston crunching numbers and want african beer.

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