I’ve been pretty busy getting ready for a TOT (training of trainers) workshop here lately. Today after I presented my section – which involved hilarious role playing and participatory learning aka awesomeness – I let my brain relax and put the finishing touches on pretty picture I drew a few days ago.  I’ve been listening to a lot of Paul Simon’s Graceland album and have “Under African Skies” stuck in my head.

Under African Skies

People keep asking me how long it takes me to draw these pictures.  Honestly, I don’t spend more than 5 or 10 minutes on most of them, and possibly less on anything that I copy/paste the majority of the picture.

I do admit this one took me about 25 minutes though.

In other news I accidentally threw my watch in between my bureau and my wall. Um. Oops. The dresser is too heavy to move, I don’t have a long stick to scoot it out with, and my arm’s too short/there’s too many spiders to just try reaching.  But since I’d like to go running tomorrow I should probably figure out some way to rescue it from the spiders.


3 responses to “Workshop

  1. Maybe the spiders will be nice and bring it out for you?

  2. And if the spiders don’t bring it out, you could probably ask froggy to go get it.

  3. Hello Erin,
    I’m form south Sudan, but I live in Edmonton, Canada. I accidentally found your blog a few days ago. I just want thank you for the great work you are doing over there. As someone who has lived in both the west and sudan, I know how hard it is for you to leave everything behind to help some needy people. Once again thank you, and may the might lord bless you and your family.

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