Sometimes statistics are just depressing.  In 2006, Sudan implemented a massive country-wide survey called the “Sudan Health Household Survey.”  It compared, county by county, indicators like pregnancy/maternal, child, and infant mortality, HIV/AIDS prevalence and knowledge, education rates, literacy, sanitation, etc.  It’s EXTRAORDINARILY comprehensive.

The survey breaks down the information into304 pages of narratives and graphs. I’ve had several people ask me why Southern Sudan is becoming an independent nation from the north.  Well, as you can see from just a few charts/graphs, after 50 years of civil war and neglect, there is quite a difference between the north and the south.

Pregnancy outcomes Southern Sudan, 2006

(Green below is Southern Sudan, blue is north)

Children with none of the recommended vaccines, 2006

Secondary School Attendance, 2006 (green is Southern Sudan)

When you look at the numbers, it’s like there’s a cliff in between the north and the south. Wouldn’t you want the chance to turn things around for your country on your own?


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