Watchcatdog update

Before I mention anything else, here’s some pictures of kitty kats from my hotel compound for Carmina, since I usually forget to warn her when I’m mentioning the 8 legged creatures she doesn’t like (warning, brief mention in this post).

The cats (unlike the dogs) here don’t really like humans at all, so they normally run away when people go by. But I snuck in a few recently:


Meow Meow

(By the way, as I write this I’m sitting outside, and I totally just saw a kitten attack a little lizard.  Or at least attempt to. It was pretty funny.)

I managed to get my watch out from the corner. It involved an elaborate mixture of making sure the spiders were all away from the bottom, squirming, twisting, and eventually a combination of those three tactics as well as using a hairbrush to scrape it out.

Blech, covered in cobwebs.

Oh, a few people have questioned about the puppies. Still haven’t seen them, but I hear that there’s actually 2 litters – one of Tiger’s (3 pups) and 1 of Sally’s (4 pups).  They’re all over in the harbor construction area (the thing in between me and the Nile tributary) and sometimes I can hear puppies whining and barking. I’m anxiously awaiting their debut. In the meantime, there’s 2 pups that are probably about 12 weeks old that chill there in the harbor every day that usually I can see to get my puppy fill.

It’s the small things in life that make you happy.
Get it? Cuz puppies are small?


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