That Time I Got Pretty Sick

Knew it would happen sooner or later.

Friday night we went out for a goodbye dinner for one of my colleagues to an Ethiopian restaurant in town. The night was fun – delicious food, a few bad beers, and a live song & dance act (during which time I was pulled to the front to dance which somehow involved whipping the other dancers? Uh, sure??).

Unfortunately when I got home my body no longer agreed that the night was as much fun as my head believed.

Sparing the more gruesome details, let’s just say I spent that night and the next day and a half sicker than I’ve been in a long time. I woke up on Saturday barely able to move other than to stumble to the dining hall for water and juice (can always tell I’m sick when I drink juice) and roll off my bed far enough turn on the TV. Thank you, hotel, for keeping the movie station on all day. My sanity appreciates it.

Despite the fact that I’m on prophylaxis, I was a little afraid that I had malaria. So, apologies right now to anyone I emailed basically being all, “OMG IM REAL SUPER DUPER SICK I MIGHT HAVE MALARIA AND DIEEEE!!! (butitotallyprobablydontsodontworry.)”  Thanks for your calm responses assuring me it was just something I ate.

I really don’t know when I became such a hypochondriac.

In my slight defense, getting malaria here is nothing to mess with. The predominant strain here is the more dangerous one, so you don’t mess around with it.  Most symptoms mimic the flu, and here anything resembling that is usually assumed/treated as malaria.

However, the big telltale sign of infection is fever, and I was more or less lacking that from the onset.  Except when I woke up from a nap, a little delirious, and was all “OMG IM ALL HOT!” but then realized I’d just left my A/C off and it was now midday WHOOPS.

After a consultation with my coworker who is a non-clinical MD, we concluded that I most likely didn’t have malaria, so I should stop being such a freakin’ hypochondriac and just sleep and let my body recover. So I did.

It’s Sunday night and I feel about 80%, which is better than the 30% I felt yesterday morning.  I’ve even been able to eat crackers, bread, an orange and a little soup.  Around 3pm I even decided to brave the heat and go read outside so that I felt like a real member of the human population. I’m glad I did, as it rejuvenated me a bit.

So all in all, my first real illness (other than the pink eye) here was pretty uneventful, if you discount my overactive and melodramatic internal monologue.

And the weekend finished with a beautiful sunset…

Sunset 10 April 2011

Not too bad, not too bad…


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