Addiction of a Unique Sort

Must. Stop. Playing. Spider. Solitaire.

Spending an entire weekend in bed meant that I was grateful for 2 things: my computer and the hotel keeping the movie channel on the majority of the time.

But I must stop playing spider solitaire. I don’t even want to know how many games I’ve played. Somehow I’m powerless to resist when that saucy little “You win!” celebratory noise and fireworks make me feel victorious at life. I can outsmart a computer!

The answer is ALWAYS YES

Do I want to play again?  Who doesn’t?!

Must. Stop.


6 responses to “Addiction of a Unique Sort

  1. I too am addicted. I have it on my iPod and have played hundreds of games. I’m not even that good at it, and I still play and play and play. And that’s why I won’t download Angry Birds, because I know I’d be addicted to that too.

    • Seriously. I have way to much of an addictive personality. I remember back in gradeschool when I used to play Rattler Race. I played it so much that when I closed my eyes to sleep I would still see the game.

      You know you play too much of a computer game when…

  2. I was the same way with Oregon Trail. I’d like to have back all of those 1000s of hours I spent freaking out over dysentery, broken wagons wheels, and not being able to carry all of the bison meat back to the wagon.

    • My mom was once late to pick me up from volleyball practice because she was playing Amazon Trail. Or at least that’s how I remember it.

      But seriously, Oregon Trail may have been the greatest computer game ever invented. I used to set the speed to “strenuous” the rations to “meager” and haul tail across the US, then just spend two weeks recuperating in Oregon to get everyone’s health up to “good” before the final push. Yeah, I knew how to game the system… of Oregon Trail.

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