It’s a Dirty Job…

I spent the day today looking at holes in the ground.

In reality, I was assessing some latrines in a project south of Juba, but more or less, yeah, I was looking at holes.

Latrines are a huge part of sanitation (obviously), but are pricey to build for the average person and not culturally relevant in a lot of places in Southern Sudan, so scaling up latrine building here (and especially doing so in a sustainable way, where it’s not the NGOs financing/building them, but actually creating community initiative and supporting small businesses) can be difficult.

Almost everyone in this community are either returnees or recently migrated from elsewhere in the country.  People are tired of moving and hoping to stay there a long time.  This means that even though most latrines need to only be 3-4 meters deep, people are afraid they’ll fill and have to be redug, so many are being dug to 10 or even 20 meters. There was one where my feet ran dead cold leaning over as far as I could without seeing the bottom.

Lookin' at holes

Latrine in progress

Pretty neat. One more cog in the ever-evolving growth of Southern Sudan wheel.


However, during this assessment, I forgot to put on sunscreen. And forgot I am on antibiotics. Which make you more sensitive to sun. And I may have gotten sunburned. But before that showed up I may have also had a sun rash, and it looked like I was covered in red freckles. Pretty funny.

Speckled Erin

And there was a rat in the kitchen at work. Anyone who knows my phobia of rodents understands that I screamed. Professionalism FAIL.

(Good thing most people were gone for the day)


One response to “It’s a Dirty Job…

  1. but someone has to do it.

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