Explosive Growth

Fun fact about this blog: Quite a few more people read it than I ever expected. So, uh, thanks to all my friends and family and others who may have happened upon it. I hope it’s somewhat amusing/interesting/entertaining and not just a pity read? Well, even if it isn’t, who am I to complain?

But the other way people happen across this blog is apparently by googling some combination of “maps of sudan/south sudan/juba” etc.  WhicI was reminded of today while perusing my favorite stash of Southern Sudan maps (which happens to be on UN Sudan IG’s website) and found this map of Juba.  It shows the extent of spread of Juba from 2003-2009.  It hasn’t been updated to 2011, but I wouldn’t be surprised if three-quarters of this map is now filled in. Juba’s population has skyrocketed since 2005, from 163,000 to an astonishing 1,100,000 (est) in just over 5 years.

Oh, how times have changed

Which puts into context the fact the development I’ve tried to describe here. Things really are going up on a daily basis. There is constantly some new building, wall, paint job, paved road that wasn’t there the day before.

Totally insane, huh?  And supremely awesome.


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