Also Not Allowed in My Room

After work, I usually spend a few minutes relaxing while watching the sun start to descend over the river and stalking the 2 puppies that hang out in the harbor next door.

Tonight when I check on the pups, both they and 2 adult dogs are all barking their heads off and generally freaking out at the side of the container my walkway overlooks.

Lots of mysterious barking

I can’t see what they’re barking at, but it’s obvious that it’s cornered against the container wall, so I sit there watching and waiting. The harbor guard, a tall, lanky, 6’7 man wanders over, and scoots close to try to see what they’re barking at.

He creeps forward slowly,
s  l  o  w  l  y .  .  .
and leans over…

and suddenly jumps backwards 5 feet in one fluid leap.
I’m all, “Ooooh, this is gonna be good!”

The guard wanders away, leans down, and picks up two  giant rocks the size of footballs.   He heads along the side of the container where I can’t see him. About 5 seconds later I hear a “THUMP!” and all the sudden the dogs are yelping and squealing and jumping, and a 3 foot long lizard races out, straight through the fence and towards my hotel.

I’m sure the lizard actually looks something like this:

Actual lizard

But as it was running straight towards where I live, it looked a lot more like this:

Lizard in my mind

The dogs gave chase, but lost the lizard somewhere along the hotel’s fence.

So basically, there’s a giant ass lizard on the property. That is large enough to frighten a 6’7 man.

I wonder if giant lizards are poisonous in Southern Sudan?


2 responses to “Also Not Allowed in My Room

  1. Gila monsters are the only “poisonous” lizard I know of. Methinks you’re safe. Unless you’re near jurassic park.

    And google says the only other one is the mexican bearded lizard. Both live in north america. So either it’s a dinosaur or a crocodile

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