Rodents Follow Me Everywhere

I swear, I must smell like ambrosia to rodents. They follow me everywhere, like some sort of phobia-honing precision missile.

After last week’s rodent-sighting, I alerted my coworker, who is equally as rodent-phobic as I am, so she could be forewarned.  Today I received a frantic skype from her in the office next door:

[2:12:16 PM] MB: the mouse is in my room
[2:13:22 PM] Erin: Ewwwwwwwwwwwww
[2:13:33 PM] MB: I just saw it run out… then run back behind the box.  I need someone to come and get rid of it or do something… I’m all alone and can’t put my feet down or turn my back to it.
[2:13:59 PM] Erin: Ummm. I’m not raising my hand. Sorry.
[2:14:23 PM] MB: you know it will come to you next!!!!
[2:14:42 PM] Erin: you want me to go get someone?
[2:14:48 PM]MB: now you’re catching on 🙂
[2:14:59 PM] Erin: ok hang on

After I alerted one of our coworkers who went to investigate and discovered a hole in the wall it had run in to, I asked her if I sent sufficient help.  Her response?

[2:18:42 PM] MB: well, he’s more worried about the snakes that might be around because there’s a mouse here.

Didn’t really comfort me.

Rat or Snake?

The Sudanese in the office the proceeded to mock us khwajas (finally figured out the arabic word here used for “white person”) for being afraid of the rat, because here many people eat rodents.  Ummm…

They put up a plastic board and a heavy box in front of the hole the rat ran into. Maybe he’ll suffuicate and die in there.  And it’s the only one. And no more will come.

Yeah. And maybe the Sahara will turn into an ocean.


7 responses to “Rodents Follow Me Everywhere

  1. I love killing rodents. Find a way to pay me to be rodent removal.

  2. mouse or rat? Or did your fear grow the mouse into a rat?

  3. We’re pretty sure it’s rats. They’re massive. I said mouse before to make my coworker feel better, but we’ve both agreed it’s rats (and the droppings agree).

    Seriously, Leah, get here yesterday.

  4. Erin, I’ll send my two cats to take care of your rat problem. What is your address? They would probably see the rat and run the other way!!!

    • Oh, gosh, please do! We were going to steal one of the cats at our hotel and bring it to work, but the cats there are too scared of people to let you get close enough to catch them.

  5. Maybe Leah and Sue’s cats could team up…

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