Out to Field Again

Got the final OK today (including ticket and a crapton of cash I don’t really want to be responsible for) to go to Tambura for a week starting tomorrow.  Tambura is a county on the border with CAR  (Central African Republic, aka, the country one of my sisters thinks is made up) , and we’re flying into Yambio then driving many hours north to our destination.

Not sure the internet situation there, so I may be radio silent.
BTW, right now the internet is broken in our hotel. There is one modem that is working out of the five, so I’m currently sitting on the porch/patio/overhang in front of some random person’s room as a storm blows in and lightning is flashing all around in the background.  It’s super sketchy.  I feel like I’m crouching in the bushes outside someone’s house with some nefarious plan, hoping not to get caught.
But that’s JUST HOW DEDICATED to this blog I am.
And if I had time I’d totally draw a paint picture of it, but with the storm rolling in, not sure how much even this tenuous internet will hold. GoGoGadgetPostGO!

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