Things That Make Me Want to be a Vegetarian Again

This morning there were two goats on our compound. I was like… “Huh, I don’t remember having goats here the past few days.”

Then I remembered that we are having a BBQ today.

And then I was like, “…oh.”

Fast forward to me listening to the staff tying up the goats, who protested so much that my coworker thought someone was being assaulted.  Then listening to the last baaah-ing getting cut off as they slit its throat.  Thankfully I could only half see the actual slaughter, because otherwise I’m not certain I could eat the meat tonight, and that would be a horribly rude offense.
Wow, I’m such a city girl.
In non-goat-slaughtering news my American coworker and I decided to go to the market to see if we could hunt down some good/cheap fabric from DRC.  Our coworker who is originally from Nzara (and hadn’t been back since 2007, so when we drove through we stopped to see his mom. It was awesome.)  and therefore speaks Zandi came with us.  I showed good restraint and only got 1 fabric. My counterpart got 6.

I like maps

Not shocking to anyone who knows me, this map on the wall  is one of my favorite parts of the compound.  Please note that it still says “Zaire” instead of DRC. I’m pretty sure it’s been repainted since 1996, but yet Zaire it remains.


3 responses to “Things That Make Me Want to be a Vegetarian Again

  1. This could make even me become a vegetarian…

  2. How was the goat? Tasty?

    • The goat was fine except when I got to one of the parts that I decided stretched my willingness to be grateful to my hosts (who couldn’t see what I’d left on my plate since it was dark and there were many people). But I’ll spare the details about that…

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