Overactive Imagination

Not  gonna lie, when I got back from the field, I sort of expected there to be a giant 3 foot lizard waiting for me in my bathroom.

Oh, hey there...

I mean, I left my bathroom untouched for a week… perfect lounging place for a 3 foot lizard.

Instead there were 3 froggys.

Um.. S'up?

They were pretty embarrassed, I could tell…

Totally busted

I’d rather the frogs I know than the 3 foot lizard my brain thinks is a dinosaur.


One’s a little easier to flush than the other.


2 responses to “Overactive Imagination

  1. you’re my favorite. ever.
    and the cockroach was like “whatevs”

    • The cockroach totally was like “whatevs.”

      I need to do my cockroach story, but I’m a little afraid of making people too scared to ever read this blog again.

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