Normally the internet at my office is touch and go, especially in the afternoon. Our afternoon generator is not strong enough to handle all of our a/c and the internet as well, and additionally, the internet just is slower across the board with so many people on at once, so you spend a lot of time playing the waiting game (and realizing how dependent business has become on internet connections).

Because our internet will often say it’s connected when it’s not though, I’ve learned to use a better way of identifying valid internet connection: Skype.  It’s seriously my version of an internet lie detector.

Internet truth teller

Skype has a convenient little icon in the lower right-hand task bar. When not connected, it spins innocuously gray, very unobtrusively. When the internet finally connects, skype is the first thing to recognize it, and gives a nice green check mark thumbs up!  It’s very rewarding after gazing longingly at the gray mopey skype icon for long periods of time.


... still waiting...

... stiiiiiillll waaaaiiiitttiiiiinnnggg....

No more waiting!!

Winning at intewebz

Oddly enough however, my internet at work has been solid lately, while the normally speedy internet at the hotel has been rerouted and now barely functions.  I don’t even need Skype to tell me that it’s not connecting there.

(So if I’m delayed at responses to emails, now you know why)


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