This Monday is the 3rd public holiday in the past 4 Mondays.  First was Easter Monday, then Labor day, and now SPLA day.  All these 3 day weekends are getting a little ridiculous.  (Who are the SPLA?  I direct you to the SPLA wiki article here)

A few friends had a housewarming party on Friday night.  When I saw the inside of the house, I actually stopped in my tracks.  Nicest. House. EVER.  There’s a kitchen that would make Bobby Flay jealous.  Ok, maybe the South Sudanese  version of Bobby Flay.  They had several hundred square feet of space, 2 fridges, a toaster, a back up toaster, and a coffee maker. That’s right, a real coffee maker.  As in, I had REAL COFFEE.

Plus there was intricate crown molding everywhere and the windows were all covered with window treatments look like they belong in the White House.   Like this:

Which I realize makes it seem like it’s not much (fancy curtains and coffee makers do not a nice house make), but… we’re talking nicest house I’ve seen in South Sudan.  And that’s including our new office which has marble floors and a several verandas looking out over Juba.

Mind you, I live in a container that is about 15×7 and looks like this:

The digs

And most people who live in compounds have pretty basic digs (albeit very nice by South Sudan standards), so I was expecting to show up to something sort of like, you know, everything else that’s in Juba built for expats:

Very nice, but basic

So it was quiet different to show up to something completely luxurious.

Juba mansion

Was not expecting. Did not compute.  Still doesn’t.

Every Sunday a restaurant in town does a movie night, so a few of us decided to go (and get delicious Thai food). Unfortunately the movie was Grapes of Wrath (aka, possibly the only book I’ve ever actually hated).  Afterwards, as a reward for sitting through the whole movie, we decided to treat ourselves after realizing the menu held iced lattes. ICED. LATTES.

That’s right folks, I had real coffee TWICE in a weekend. And spent time in a mansion.

It was a very strange weekend.


3 responses to “Different

  1. When Julie first got to Japan and was still blogging, she mentioned a lot of national holidays also – maybe other countries celebrate more than we do?

    Wow 2 coffees! Are you on a caffine high?!

  2. Is this your version of Shannon’s icecreamtastic? Coffeetastic?

  3. I realized that I’m very prejudiced against non-American/European holidays. I was like “Quit making things up”… although Easter Monday and May Day/Labor Day are both celebrated in europe (at least the UK), too, so I can’t really complain.

    But if you think about it, how ridiculous are some of our holidays if you’re not American – Columbus day (the guy who “discovered” a country that was already discovered), Washington’s birthday AND president’s day (we need 2?), Memorial Day, even MLK Jr. day. Plus then you get state holidays like Pulaski Day, Alaska Day, Seward’s Day, etc.

    Holidays are just weird.

    And yesssssssss coffeetastic. Love it.

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