Trash Day

Last week I noticed several green trash bins (all optomistically emblazoned with “Keep Juba Clean!” My response is “Keep?”) appeared on the main road.  Then last weekend, all NGOs received a message inviting people to come out for a clean up day on Saturday. And just a few days ago, new rows of trash bins (including separate bins denoting glass/plastic/etc.* (all written in english)) showed up in Juba town on nearly every corner.

It’s clean up time.

Juba decided that in preparation for independence July 9th, it’s time to clean up the city. No more mountains of empty water bottles and piles of trash burning on the roads. Nosiree. Time to clean up so that all the media that’s expected aren’t filming trash everywhere.  We’ll see how long it lasts.

*Ironic since there’s not actually a recycling facility in South Sudan. Maybe they’re hoping for the future?


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