Doing Business in Juba

Doing Business released its findings on working in Juba (summarized below).  The last one made me laugh a little, especially after being here long enough to experience the insanities and inanities of procuring items across borders.  Imagine how much more difficult things are if you’re not in Juba to begin with:

  • Compared to the 183 economies measured by Doing Business, Juba would rank 159th on the ease of doing business. Behind this ranking, however, there are considerable variations on a topic by topic basis (see figure below).
  • On the ease of starting a business, Juba would rank 123rd. Thanks to the success of the well staffed and governed Business Registry set up in 2006, entrepreneurs can start a business in just 15 days. However, costs are high because of multiple fees to state and local authorities.
  • On protecting investors, getting credit, and closing a business, Juba would rank 173rd, 176th, 179th respectively, reflecting an incomplete legal framework.
  • On trading across borders, Juba would rank 181st. Using the port of Mombasa in Kenya, an entrepreneur must fill 11 documents, wait 60 days and spend US$9,420 to import a container and 9 documents, 52 days and US$5,025 to export it. Over half of the delay is due to paperwork: to obtain a letter of credit, traders must first obtain an approval from the Bank of Southern Sudan to transfer funds abroad, which adds 22 days to the process.

One response to “Doing Business in Juba

  1. There was an article in the Trib this morning about how getting permits and doing business in Chicago is very challenging (and involves a lot of time and money). We should have Doing Business compare Chicago to Juba, and see how it turns out.

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