Juba Roads

I probably allude a lot to the dirt roads that are in Juba, but I swear there are many paved roads here, too (especially in comparison to outside the capital)!  See:

Paved roads!

Granted, it’s not totally like the states, as it comes complete with the typical developing world wildlife hazards.


Two seconds after this picture one of the goats ran into the middle of the street and came about 3 inches from becoming unalive (would that have technically be my 2nd goat slaughter watched?).

But still, most of Juba looks more like this:

Road near mi casa

Although lots of dust, plus exhaust and wind sometimes lead to, uh, well, this:

Lil' dirty. (PS: I was wearing pants. Seriously)

But no matter what the roads look like, or how dusty my skin gets walking around on a daily basis, not much beats this:

Sunset over the Nile


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