Rainstorms in Juba

Rainstorms in Juba are one of the neatest things I’ve ever seen.  I love thunderstorms anywhere,  but I’ve never been able to actually watch thunderstorms roll in like this before.  The sky will be completely sunny, then all the sudden, you’ll see the line where the storm starts.

Storm rolling in

Dark clouds creep in from the east.

Thunder crackles off in distance.

The wind kicks it up a notch.

The wind kicks it up to turbo speeds.

Window shades rattle.

Thunder cracks directly overhead.

Internet goes out (if it was on).

And finally torrential rain starts 20 seconds later.


It’s a pretty damn cool experience to behold.  I like it best when the lightning gets involved in the mix, too.


2 responses to “Rainstorms in Juba

  1. This is kind of what it’s like down South too. The thunderstorms would roll in pretty intensely and you could watch them both come in and out. It is pretty cool, once you get used to them, ha.

  2. It’s so neat. It’s absolutely one of my favorite things to behold. I’ve gotten somewhat good at seeing storm clouds in the distance and being able to gauge how fast it’ll come in, or if it’ll blow in the other direction, etc. But the best part is just seeing this WALL of rain approaching, like a curtain. So freaking cool.

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