A Lesson I Refuse to Learn

For some reason, my brain absolutely refuses to learn this one very simple lesson.

This morning a friend and I decided to meet for brunch (which included real coffee!).  I set out around 1045am before it became unbearably hot.  I was excited.


Afterwards we headed to Konyo Konyo, the big market in town.  For some reason we decided that walking the 30 minutes over there at 1pm, during the hottest part of the day, was a great idea.

We were a tad bit sweltering when we got there, but purchasing delicious cheap fruits and veggies, plus grabbing me some much-needed new shoes was totally worth it.


Unfortunately, by the time we walked the half hour back, and then I walked another half hour to my place I realized my mistake.


Oh. Right.

Being 4 degrees north of the equator means that if you’re a white girl planning on spending more than 15 minutes outside during the hottest part of the day, you should probably have on sunscreen.

Planning fail.



2 responses to “A Lesson I Refuse to Learn

  1. I could send you sunscreen…

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