Technology is Awesome Slash ARRGHH

Two things:

1) Technology is awesome. I was able to call a 1-800 number in the US from South Sudan, and talk for over 3 hours via skype!  Seriously, I can’t imagine being able to do this five years ago.

2) I spent more than THREE EFFIN’ HOURS on the g-damn phone with freakin’ Bank of America telling them things like “I already tried restarting my computer before, and no, I can’t restart my computer right now, or this call will be terminated.” Oh, and by the way thanks for transferring me six times (SIX!) before transferring me back to the main menu. That was helpful. NOT.


Don’t have banking issues if you are in Africa. Just don’t.


One response to “Technology is Awesome Slash ARRGHH

  1. Three hours with BoA? Oh dear.

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