Fuel Shortages

Fuel shortages, stemming from the recent fighting in Abyei, are hitting South Sudan hard.  Most of the country runs off of generators, and without fuel there is no electricity to operate lights, refrigerators (vital for things that need cold chains, like vaccines), or water pumps.  There is no fuel for cars, so everyone has to walk everywhere (often impossible if you have a medical emergency), water trucks can’t get through, and delivery trucks with foods, medicines, and other commodities are hesitant to travel for fear of being stranded.

In Juba we’re lucky, because even though there are shortages, we still have fuel.  I’ve been hearing from both the news as well as firsthand accounts from some friends and coworkers that some cities are more or less dry of fuel.

Pretty intense when you think about how much is dependent upon fuel.

Full story from Bloomberg news >>here<<.


One response to “Fuel Shortages

  1. So is the long term solution building refineries in the south, so as not to depend on northern Sudan? Sounds like the short-term solution isn’t so good., with the north holding the south hostage over the Abyei region.

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