Fuel, take 2

Like I said, there’s been massive fuel shortages.  Supplies have gotten lower and lower and prices higher and higher, and finally yesterday there was no fuel.

Tonight I spoke with my boda boda (motorbike) driver, Issa. Issa, seeing the writing on the wall, went all the way to Uganda for fuel a few days ago.  He and some friends took a six hour truck ride to Uganda to buy fuel. Issa picked up four jerry cans and brought them back – one for use, three to sell.

Today a barge came in and one station had fuel again. Tomorrow it will likely be all gone again.

Why is the rum gone? Except by rum I mean fuel.


3 responses to “Fuel, take 2

  1. Oh dear. Does that mean the A/C and interwebs access will go out??

  2. If there is no fuel for the generators, then yes. The NGOs usually have access to more fuel though, and so far we’ve been fine here. But our partners in the counties are either rationing their fuel or completely out of fuel. Issa went to Uganda again this weekend to bring back fuel because Juba was dry again.

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