Sprucing Up Juba… Sort of

Today in Huff Post there’s a great article about getting Juba and South Sudan ready for independence, just one month from today (link >>here<<)!

The city  has cleaned up it’s trash, put waste receptacles around everywhere, planted [puny and kinda pathetic] baby trees along the main airport road, and – as the article points out – painted lines on some of the tarmac roads.

It’s this last one that has made myself and a few friends giggle. As great as these painted lines are, the lines seem to have been ill thought out. The roads have dotted lines, dividing each half of the road into another half. Except… there’s no solid line painted down the middle, so now it’s just two tiny outside lanes and one giant lane in the middle.

Painted line fail

I’m really not sure if this is intentional or not, because if a line is painted down the middle, the four lanes will not each be wide enough for a car to drive on. Right now even the two outside lanes aren’t large enough, so people just sort of drive either slightly in the outer “lanes” or just straight down the center of the lines.

What becomes really fun though is when people in both directions treat the middle lane like a passing lane… and a terrifying game of chicken ensues.

Winner winner chicken dinner?

But the lanes were a nice thought.

ETA: A friend recently dubbed this “Human frogger.”  Sounds about right.


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