New digs

Finally moved into my digs last week!  No longer live in a container (sort of sad) and had to say goodbye to the staff (sad) and the dogs (super duper sad).  But on the upside of things, I moved from here:

Old digs.

To here:

New digs.

It’s not quite the mansion that a) it looks, and b) my friend’s house is, but it’s pretty darn nice. The first floor serves as one of our two offices in town, and the second floor houses three expat workers (myself, a man from Ethiopia and a man from Benin).

Pros: Nice digs, bedroom is about 3x bigger (will post pics of that later when internet plays nice), kitchen for cooking, theoretically more reliable internet.

Cons: Had to say goodbye to the dogs, staff, etc., share a living room/TV, have a full sized fridge in my room (?), my bedroom a/c doesn’t really work (but I have a fan), and sometimes there are water and internet issues (ie, they don’t work).

Not gonna lie, the ability to cook for myself might make up for all the other shortcomings. I miss cooking.


3 responses to “New digs

  1. nice……..gonna miss the frogs & dino-lizards

  2. how can you live there with water that doesn’t work – or work with internet that doesn’t work?

    • The water only sometimes doesn’t work. And I don’t work there, I work at our other office. (And the internet was fixed. Broken internet is not an uncommon issue here, if you haven’t gathered that yet!)

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