Unexpected Roommate

The day after I moved in I went to our kitchen to make some coffee.  After making the coffee, I went to put the spoon into the sink and found that there was a creature waiting for me in there.  After the initial shock which made me hop back (really, who expects the kitchen sink to have a living thing in it?) I looked a bit closer.  Even upon second inspection I had no clue what it was.

What the fuck?

I called over my coworker and explained that there was something in the sink and it might be a frog or a mouse or something.

He looked and assured me that it was not.

In fact it was a bat.

Um, ok.
(My mind immediately went “Rabies” and remembered I hadn’t gotten the rabies shot before I left, and got out of there right quick.)

About an hour later our house woman came in and I tried to warn her. Apparently “bat” is not an easy english word, and trying to describe “like a bird that only flies at night” doesn’t work either.  And naturally my 15 words of Juba Arabic do not include the word for “bat.”

But who knew bats liked to chill in sinks?


4 responses to “Unexpected Roommate

  1. this is my favorite of your posts so far. the illustration really captures it. i hope you guys can be friends!

  2. Think I’d rather have frogs in the toliet.

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