New Experience

I went to dinner tonight at the restaurant across the way from me. As I was finishing my appetizer, the waitstaff came to my table and began replacing all the chairs in the restaurant (which were plastic patio chairs), including mine, with new cushioned chairs.

The guy next to me asked what was going on.

The waitress responded, “New chairs for a new country.”

Sounds about right.

This not that


4 responses to “New Experience

  1. makes sense to me, too – new chairs just about right.

  2. love it.

  3. Will the new chairs still be there after the foreign digintaries have all left next week though? Do keep us posted.

    • My guess is yes. It’s one of the expat restaurants, so it’s really just an investment in their future to get people going there on a regular basis. I was actually there last night and it was swarming with journalists (although I’ll admit that I know at least one of them is based here in the Juba full time). Made me laugh. Those chairs, just suckin’ people right in.

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