“A” for Effort, “B-” for Implementation

I’ve mentioned a few times that a few weeks back the city planted new trees along the main Airport Road.  What I have not mentioned was that the trees planted are tiny little seedlings that look like twigs, are probably no more than 6 months old, and if I happened to trip on or accidentally kick the tree, it would probably die.

Wee little trees

The idea is nice, and the trees are definitely an “A for effort” idea towards sprucing up Juba for independence.  However, it might have been slightly better in terms of implementation if the trees had either a) been planted several months ago (although then they run danger of not having enough water during the hottest months) or b) been slightly older when planted.

Although about a week after they were planted, they did come and put 3 feet tall bamboo basket structures around the trees to protect from people driving over/stepping on/stealing the trees, which was nice.  Too bad that’s about 3x taller than the little twigs they planted, so now you can’t even see the trees at all, and there’s just lines of ugly bamboo basket things that look like trash receptacles every 100 ft or so..

Nice thought

“A” for effort, “B-” for implementation.


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