Silly Erin

Someone explain to me why I thought it was a good idea to be in a country that doesn’t have a movie theater when the very last Harry Potter movie was released?


Silly Erin, SILLY.

Sniffle, Harry Potter, sniffle


2 responses to “Silly Erin

  1. Sniff. Bet you can find a pirated version online, but def won’t be the same. I’ll go see it with you when you come back in August.

    PS – Carmina loves the drawing of flying on the broomstick.

    • Awesome! done and done. Hopefully it’ll still be in theaters then, right? Eeks.

      Yay! Love that the artist loves my paint pics 🙂 Although I forgot to give him hands and by the time I was done i was like “Eh, oh wells.”

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